Dade County Parent Portal - Unitech Student

Dade County Parent Portal

Procedures for the Parent Portal

To access the parent portal, please visit the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) website at It is important to note that the instructions written below are for individuals that are trying to establish an account for the first time and have never had access to the parent portal.

To Create a Password to Access The Parent Portal:

  • Click on Login to Portal
  • Follow directions under “What you need to know before logging in.”
  • Click on Create an Account. To create an account you will need:
  • Student MDCPS student ID #
  • Parent 6 Digit PIN #. To obtain this number, you must visit the Registrar’s Office at Somerset Academy South Homestead. This cannot be done over the telephone.
  • Student’s Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Student’s birth place, State, or Country
  • Zip code
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