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For Proofpoint to work, your email client must display HTML. Webmail does this by default. Microsoft Outlook can be configured for HTML. To learn more about configuring Outlook, click here.

You will receive two digest emails every day (7:00 am and 4:00 pm). Each email will contain a list of spam quarantined since the last digest. The digest will go into your Spam_Trashcan folder if you have one. Otherwise it will go into your inbox. (If you have no spam, you will not get a digest.) Digests in the Spam_Trashcan will be deleted after 14 days. Recommend users scan each digest for email incorrectly identified as spam.

Accessing Proofpoint

Step 1:

Proofpoint scores each email. Messages above 50 are considered spam and go into quarantine.

Account management actions: Request New End User Digest - Request a new digest email containing all messages placed in the quarantine since the last digest. Request Safe/Blocked Senders List - Request an email listing of your personal safe/blocked senders. Manage My Account - Opens a new browser window allowing access to your account options. (Allows you to add or delete safe and blocked senders.) Message management actions (to the left of each quarantined email listed): Release - Click this link if the email was erroneously trapped as spam. The quarantined message will be delivered to your Inbox. Safelist - Same as above except the sender is added to your personal safe list so future email from this sender will not be trapped. Not Spam - Notifies the system that the message is not spam to help "train" the filter so that similar messages will not be sent to quarantine. (Release and Safelist only apply to your account and will not notify the system. You may want to click on Not Spam in addition to Release or Safelist.)
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