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virtualbox_windowRemember the episode where Oprah gave a free car to everyone in her studio audience? - Well Jim Goodnight goes one better, and gives free SAS Software to all students in the world!

When I was in graduate school, I felt very fortunate to be at NC State University, because SAS let us use their software for free. I don't know how I could have done my data/graphics intensive research without it. And now SAS is making their software available (for free) for teaching, learning, and research in higher education all over the world, with the SAS University Edition!

sas_serverHere are the basic steps to install the software (do this once) ...

Here are the basic steps to start up the software (do this each time you want to run a new SAS session) ...

Double-click the Oracle VM VirtualBox icon on your desktop.

You will then get a VirtualBox window, with SAS-University-Edition visible along the left side. Click the 'Start' button (green arrow).

You'll see this window as the SAS server starts in the background ...

And after about a minute (depending on the speed of your computer) you'll see the following VirtualBox window:


And here is how to use SAS - simply enter the following URL in a Web browser on your computer:

If you have run SAS in the past, you have probably used the Display Management System (DMS) as your user interface, which lets you edit and submit code, view your results, etc. The clever SAS developers have recently implemented a new interface called SAS Studio that is very much like DMS, but runs in a web browser. Here's what it looks like:

I plan to write several blog posts describing how to do various useful things in the University Edition, but I want to wrap up this blog with a simple graph, using sample data that is shipped with the software. Type the following into the CODE window, and then click the 'Run' button (picture of the little man running).

welcome sas_studio class_code class_graph

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