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CAD Student version

T-FLEX Educational CAD CAM and Free Student Software Program

Limitations of the T-FLEX CAD student version (important):
File format is incompatible with the commercial release. Files saved in T-FLEX CAD Student Edition cannot be opened in commercial T-FLEX CAD with the exception of special Academic license provided only to the certified academic institutions. Academic license allows opening documents from T-FLEX CAD Student Edition but cannot convert them to the format of commercial T-FLEX CAD.
Printing capabilities are limited. Most of customizations options are not available, printing page size is limited to A4 format, special text is printed on the border.
Limited export/import functions. Export is limited to bitmap formats; import of Parasolid format is not available.
BOM is not supported.
Document protection control functionality is not accessible.
Integration with T-FLEX DOCs software is not supported.
Finite Elements Analysis results are limited.
Parasolid models insertion is disabled.
External add-on applications based on T-FLEX Open API are not supported.
“Technical Support” command is not available.

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