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Autodesk Folder.PNGI'm new here, but I have two problems I can't find answered. I run 64bit Windows 7, on an ASUS laptop. My current problem is that I just uninstalled then reinstalled AutoCAD (because of the problem I'll get to next), and now I can't find the installed program. Additionally, since it thinks I have AutoCAD installed, the installer won't let me reinstall it. I have checked the path and AutoCAD the .exe isn't installed anywhere, they're all

Error 1.PNGjust empty or mostly empty folders.

I don't know what to do, other than teying to install for a third time.

The first time I installed AutoCAD there were no problems with installation, but I tried to reinstall since my trial expired and it wouldn't let me activate my 3 year student account (AutoCAD worked fine during the trial). When I tried to activate from the main window, the licensing window was blank. Let me make this clear: This is NOT the problem with the 2 radio buttons! The screen is completely blank.

Once I close out of that little screen, it was replaced by the normal activation window, so I clicked Activate, which led me to this screen, again blank.

No matter what I tried (I tried adjusting my Java/other settings as instructed by a support guy), it just led back to those two screens, so once my trial ended, I uninstalled.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Especially on the first problem (that's the one I'm having now).

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