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Student Websites

Looking to expand your marketing knowledge and stay current with what’s happening in the industry? Here are 12 websites you can bookmark.

online-business-degree-Saint-Leo-University The marketing potential of wearable technology like Google Glass. The content marketing explosion. The future of text message and mobile analytics. The rise of “social TV.”

One thing you can do is bookmark some of these leading marketing websites – and then visit them regularly. Doing so will only enhance the knowledge you’re gaining from your coursework.

And, as Renaissance thinker Francis Bacon said more than 400 years ago, “Knowledge is power.”

In this case, the power to be prepared for your dream job in marketing!

1. : This industry magazine got its start in 1930 and now offers tons of digital content on marketing, advertising, social media, data, and more. The Resources tab offers webcasts, industry guides, and research reports (some for a fee). Check the On Campus tab for info on discounted subscription rates for students. The Creativity section covers what editors believe are the best video, print, and interactive ads.

. (AMA): Keep up-to-date on advertising, marketing, customer engagement, digital marketing, and more at this industry association’s website. Plus, learn about upcoming AMA conferences. The site has a special section for students, including info on student events, awards and competitions, AMA chapters, and a subscription to an AMA newsletter. Saint Leo has a student AMA chapter, and student membership to AMA includes career, professional development, and leadership development resources. Be sure to check out the AMA’s online job board, too.

3. (DMA): This organization for data-driven marketers provides industry news, an online job board, research and white papers (some free, some for a fee), and a digital marketing vendor search. The DMA also has a link to the MarketingEdge website, which includes information on student marketing scholarships.

4. : This website touts itself as “the go-to resource for innovative marketers hungry for insight on results-driven strategies and trends to propel their multichannel marketing forward.” Read industry news, blogs, and case studies. Plus, access free webcasts on direct marketing topics.

5. : This site has market research on digital media and internet marketing. You can sign up for the eMarketer daily newsletter, which covers industry trends for brand marketers, media executives, publishers, and more.

6. : This site offers internet marketing news, strategies, and tips on analytics, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing. Recent news posts cover topics such as ways to get more from your interactive marketing budget, video ads on Facebook, using Twitter for business, consumer online behavior, and more.

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