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K12 Login for students

Who Completes Re-Registration

  • Re-registration is required for every enrolled student in order to let the school know if you will be returning for the next school year
  • Re-registration process must be completed by the Learning Coach
  • You will receive a notification via K-Mail or email once your school is open for Re-registration
  • The Learning Coach will see the Re-registration link in My Info when Re-registration is open for the next school year

How to Complete Re-Registration

1. Log in to the OLS and then select My Info (from Quick Links)

2. Click the Get Started link located in the Re-register for 2015-2016 Today! box
3. Select the Re-registration tab and make note of the Re-registration Deadline date for your school

4. Click Unknown (located under “Re-registration Status for the 2015-2016 school year”)

5. Follow instructions to select the Re-registration Status: Re-registering or Not Re-registering

  • You can change your selection at any time before the deadline. If not ready to make a selection, simply exit out of the box
  • If you have more than one student and they are ALL returning, check the box: Apply to all students?
  • If not ALL students are returning, repeat steps separately for each student)

6. Click Save

  • If Compliance and Approval sections display Not Applicable, you are finished
  • If they display Not Completed, please continue

7. Depending on the school requirements, the parent may need to submit additional forms and documents.

  • If this is required, click Not Completed to view the list of documents you need to submit or update
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