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Educational Websites for students


Sites for Every Student

  • Rate My Professors - This site is great for college students who're planning their class schedule. It features ratings for more than one million professors around the world. Those professors are ranked by more than 6.8 million students.
  • Backpack - Backpack is the ultimate organizational Web app for college students. It allows users to take notes online, create to-do lists, keep schedules and much more.
  • Study Hacks - Study Hacks is dedicated to 'demystifying student success.' This college blog has become one of the best places on the Web to get study advice and academic strategies that actually work.

Sites for Student Researchers

  • RefDesk - This award-winning site is a great place to find and check facts. RefDesk has an enormous collection of reference materials, searchable databases and other great resources that can't be found anywhere else.
  • Internet Public Library - The Internet Public Library is an online reference service that offers everything from free dictionaries and encyclopedias to books, magazines and newspapers.
  • - If you need an online encyclopedia that allows you to cite reputable sources, this is a great place to look. pulls search results from more than 100 reputable encyclopedias and dictionaries, including sources like the Oxford University Press.
  • ChaCha - ChaCha isn't exactly a citable source, but it's a fantastic starting point for research. This human-powered search engine has more than 15, 000 guides who are dedicated to answering any question you might have.
  • American Fact Finder - The American Fact Finder, from the U.S. Census Bureau, is a great place for student researchers to find economic, geographic, population and housing data.

Sites for Student Writers

  • The Owl - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a great resource for student writers who want to learn more about writing mechanics, formatting, outline development and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Grubba - Big writing projects sometimes require the creation of a database to keep ideas organized. Grubba is perfect for student writers who want to quickly create a database that can be shared with other people.

Sites for Students Who Read

  • Project Gutenberg - There are more than 25, 000 free books in Project Gutenberg's online catalog, as well as an additional 100, 000 books available from the site's partners and affiliates.
  • Open Book Project - The Open Book Project is designed specifically for the academic community. Students can find free textbooks and other open-source education materials.
  • SparkNotes - When you need to catch up on reading that you missed or want to gain a better understanding of specific books, SparkNotes is the place to be. The site offers literary summaries, essay help, timelines and much more.
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