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Today I'm going to do a quick post comparing one of my newer pretties to a couple that I've had around for a while...and at the end of the post, you'll get to see which one - if any - is actually being de-stashed(!).

So I don't have to re-type this: The "undies" for everything is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Without A Stitch - no separate base or top coats.

The first comparison actually ended up being no comparison at all once on the nails. If I'd looked at my nail wheels better, I would have seen that. Oh, well. Now we all know.

pinkie (left) has 1 coat of Sinful Colors Lush Life (limited edition from 2013 Almost Famous collection)

ring (right) has 1 coat of Maybelline Sea-Quins (limited edition from 2012 Sequins collection)

~~no dupes here, just the same color family~~

Moving on:

middle finger (left) has 1 coat of Sinful Colors Lush Life

index finger (right) has 2 coats of Love & Beauty/Forever 21 Crystal/Turquoise

bottle shots

Crystal/Turquoise looks like I've used a bunch, but I've only used it a time or 2
and swatched it on the nail wheel

They both have a clear base and both have small teal glitters with hex glitters that are a size or 2 bigger. Sinful Colors is more glitter-packed and has a much, much easier formula to work with. It took 2 coats of Crystal/Turquoise to look like one easy coat of Lush Life. You also get a little bit more in the Sinful Colors bottles for less cost than Love & Beauty polishes ($2.80).

Lush Life is limited edition at Walgreens, available now, so if you want it, go grab it now. Crystal/Turquoise might be able to be found at the Forever 21 store; online, I found (and linked) Turquoise Tinsel, Celestial Blue, and Turquoise Glitter that might be similar. I also found some other polishes that caught my eye, but that's another story.

Forever 21/Love & Beauty Crystal/Turquoise will be leaving the stash. It's nice to slowly/quietly de-stash my collection from dupes, keeping just the better formulas while trying to keep limited edition collections together as much as possible. I also need to get back into doing these types of posts comparing them to current releases from OPI, China Glaze & Essie... If I can spot a dupe or "good enough for me" in my collection, then I won't want to run out and buy that particular new polish.

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