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Dadeschools – is the official site of Miami-Dade Public School. Its content gives all the information related to Miami-Dade Public School. It is a global school, which has diverse students who come from a wide range of vibrant communities. The students speak in 56 different languages and represent about 160 countries. The school is located at the southern part of Florida peninsula.

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Based on the tab “school information” on, Miami-Dade Public School is available from elementary school to senior high school. Charter and magnet school are also available. The charter school is the public school that the performance based on the specific contract or “charter”. This king of school exempts the students from fixed regulation for traditional public school on states. This charter school on MDPS consists of elementary school, middle school, senior high school, virtual school and K-8 center.

The K-8 Center is the international education academy to linking states curriculum and international ones. Additionally, magnet school on MDPS is the school that operates based on the particular focus of subject study and adoption of Cambridge curriculum. The particular subject that studied on this magnet school depends on the school partnership. For example, when the magnet school is opening biotechnology school, this school must be having a partnership with the biotechnology department on Miami University or any other departments that related to biotechnology. Beside those schools, the learning center and vocational center for adult education is available on the Miami-Dade Public School. The complete grade and additional learning center offers by this institution has made it growth rapidly over decade.

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