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Dade Parent Portal

HOW TO REGISTER AT THE MIAMI DADE PARENT PORTAL: (first time users only -for those who have never created a PARENT ACCOUNT for another student and/or sibling.

a. Go to
b. Click on the PARENTS tab
d. FILL OUT all the required information (take a note of the password you created. This will be the password you will use when logging in at your parent portal account)
e. Click on REGISTER
f. You will receive an email from dadeschools (it may take up to 10 minutes for you to receive it).
g. Click on the LINK provided on the email to activate your account.
h. Once your account is activated, you will receive a PARENT ID number – save this number for your records. Your PARENT ID number will be required when applying to be a chaperone on field trips.
i. The PARENT ID number provided will be your Parent Portal USERNAME. You can now login to the PARENT PORTAL using your PARENT ID NUMBER (username) and the password you provided when creating your account.

HOW TO ADD A STUDENT TO YOUR PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT: you will be able to check the student’s grades and attendance.

a. Before adding a student to your PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT, visit our front
desk and bring a photo ID. A PARENT PIN number will be provided to you in order
for you to complete the application process.
b. Login in to your PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT.
c. On the menu, select ADD/REMOVE student.
d. Fill out the required information.
e. Now on your HOMEPAGE you will find a link to your child’s information.

If you need additional help to create your account or to complete the
volunteer process, please contact Ms. Vigo at or

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