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After Graduation

Of course life after graduation is not necessarily going to be worse, but it’s normal to fear the unknown… And to be fair, there is no ‘Guide for Survival in Real Life’, no recipe for a successful future or a “happily ever after”. From now on everything depends on us – the choices we make and on the paths we embark on. Having said that, there are things we can do to make the transition easier and smoother. So, fear not! Here are a few useful tips on how to adapt to life after graduation:

Take time out to travel

Having difficulties adjusting to your new lifestyle means you need to occupy yourself as much as you can! ? Take some time off to travel, see new places, visit foreign friends perhaps… real life can wait a bit, don’t you think?

Keep in touch with your course mates

It is a good idea to stay in touch with as many of your former course mates as possible. After all, you are in the same boat and can easily relate to each other. Maintaining connections with your university community might make the transition to life after graduation a little easier, and show you that everyone else is going through the exact same stages as you. The friendships and professional networks begun at university are also often likely to be some of the most important you’ll form, often lasting for life.

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