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Since we’ve seemingly dedicated the month of January to working on our fitness and living the active lifestyle, we figured who better to tap to get the #fitspiration going than 3 super boss babes with 3 outside-the-box active occupations.

First off on our list, Leah Marsh, owner of Pilates X Studio. Wanting to find a way to combine her favorite workouts into one studio with one location, Leah invented a pilates machine to create extra studio space, so her friends would have a budget-friendly way to work out every day.

Recently, we sat down with the babe to get the low-down on inspirations, stretchy pants, and what living the active lifestyle means to her.

5S2A8045Watch the video below and scroll down for the inside scoop on Leah and Pilates X Studio!

(Outfit shown: Dot leggings, Cinched Studio Tunic)

What is pilates?

Pilates is all about posture and making slow and controlled movements using springs that give you similar resistance that weights would give you. We first start the class with stretching and then we move to arm and leg springs. And we always use some props so we have free weights, medicine balls, foam rollers, and resistance bands.


Why did you start doing pilates?

I started doing pilates because I was working in the fashion industry for a eco designer, where everyone is very conscious of the environment and their bodies. Working out is a way of life.

What made you decide to open up your own studio?

There aren’t very many affordable options in the pilates world, so I invented (and my father built) a deconstructed pilates machine by putting all the springs from the reformer table onto the wall. By taking the tables out, we’re able to have more people in a class, which makes it more affordable and leaves the middle of the studio open for cardio classes and yoga classes.


What inspires you to get out there and get active?

Working out makes me feel better. I like sweating out the toxins of the day and feeling better about myself.

What’s your go-to when it comes to activewear?

I really love long leggings for my pilates and yoga classes, but I love capris for cardio.

What have you learned from pilates and opening up your own studio?

I’ve learned a lot about myself. The practice of pilates encourages discipline and precision, which I’ve learned to apply to my life. I’ve learned to take things a little slower and not get so worked up.

What does being active mean to you?

It means constantly moving your body; constantly stretching, taking different classes, being curious about ways to work out your body.

What’s next for Leah Marsh?

Opening more studios! We’re franchising in March and looking to expand to 10 new locations in Southern California this year!

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